Tuesday, June 27 2017

The Bohemian Gastropub

(416) 361-6154
571 Queen St. West
ON, Canada
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Critics Reviews

  • Recommended


    Bohemian Gastropub
    "Deliciously prepared..."


    "With its large, breezy windows and great atmosphere, The Bohemian Gastropub is off to a great start: the delicious food and warm, friendly service make it a great bet for a lovely meal."
  • Not Recommended

    Now Toronto

    No Bohemian rhapsody
    "Greens are as rare on the Bohemians meat-mad menu as they are in the Alberta Legislature."

    "[The menu is filled] with the kind of small, shareable plates that seem like a good idea after the third pint of Mill Street Cobblestone Stout ($6). Smelts ($9), say, or thinly sliced, overly salty fried pigs ears paired with an underpowered smoked-paprika tartar sauce. Fancy-pants tapas these aint."
  • Recommended

    The Globe and Mail

    The Bohemian Gastropub is at the heart of culinary zeitgeist
    "[The menu] is, to put it mildly, a hearty cuisine."

    "The Bohemian Gastropub, with its small triumphs and occasional misses, is at the heart of the culinary zeitgeist."

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